From Paper, A Stylus That's Like A Pencil

By the Team behind Paper, This isn't any old stylus. If the pencil takes off, The IPad may never be the same.The iPad never came with a stylus. Steve Jobs’s famous quip was, “God gave us 10 styluses--let's not invent another.” In some ways the quote epitomizes Apple’s legacy of design simplicity, and in some ways, its stubbornness. (Because frankly, if fingers were the perfect drawing tool, Man wouldn’t have had to finish the job God started and invent pens--or for that matter, iPads.) Read More



Love is all around.

Wowjee is a brand that’s dedicated to bringing you stuff that’s well-designed, puts a smile on your face, and doesn't cost a fortune. We believe that when stuff is made by people with a love for design, people love to own it. They are proud of them, too. This stuff should also be easy to buy, and say, "hey, I have spanking taste."

Wowjee’s product line is all about attitude, style and love. And the categories we focus on cover a broad range of areas: Home accessories, kitchen supplies, lighting, fashion & accessories, gadgets, quirky items, office items, tech products, table top accessories, personal items, kids stuff, fun products, etc. We take extraordinary delight in transforming everyday functional items into something fresh and quirky, through intelligent and well-thought out design. You will soon realise that our products are actually useful, and are also social expressions. They speak about the fact that you’re into cool design.

Simply because design powers our business, we have designers around the world sending us their ideas. We then select only the best of them; the ones that reek of spectacular design and thoughtful functionality. Because hey, it might look cool but if it’s of no use to you, then what’s the point? We might be a start-up company, but you can be sure this is the start of something cool.

We hope you have a great design journey with Wowjee.