A Rad Electric Guitar That Kids Put Together Themselves

As a follow-ip to his successful acoustic kid's guitar. Uruguayan designer Rafael Atijas launches a second Kickstarter campaign for an electric version. If technology has enabled everyone to do anything--be a photographer or a writer, for instance--it’s partly because we’ve found less onerous ways of learning how to do it. That’s the point of the the Loog electric guitar, the sequel to the now award-winning acoustic guitar   Read More


From Paper, A Stylus That's Like A Pencil

By the Team behind Paper, This isn't any old stylus. If the pencil takes off, The IPad may never be the same.The iPad never came with a stylus. Steve Jobs’s famous quip was, “God gave us 10 styluses--let's not invent another.” In some ways the quote epitomizes Apple’s legacy of design simplicity, and in some ways, its stubbornness. (Because frankly, if fingers were the perfect drawing tool, Man wouldn’t have had to finish the job God started and invent pens--or for that matter, iPads.) Read More



A Clever, Shape-Shifting Bag Inspired By Origami

The market for reusable tote bags not only now exists but is brimming with choices: Ripstop nylon, or leather? One hue, patterned, or with a catchphrase?

The Omni bag by Kumeko, a Prague-based design studio, is one of the most architecturally interesting examples to date. “A big part of the Kumeko ethos is the focus on preserving old-fashioned handcrafting techniques,” says designer Alexandra Fefelova, who recently “rediscovered a passion for origami,” which led to this geometric bag.

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