A CFL Bulb That is as practical as it is sculptural

Plumen is back with another beautifully shaped light-bulb. Only this time the design is less about way it looks, and more about the light it emits.
A few years ago Hulger Design released a light bulb that became an unlikely darling of the design world (it earned a Design of the Year award and is now part of MoMA's permanent collection, among other accolades). An energy saving CFL bulb, the Plumen 001 is a twisting loop of glass that’s at once sculptural and industrial. Read more

Lexon - Design in Life

Since 1991, Lexon has established a granted relationship with Creativity.
In nineteen years of development and with no compromises, Lexon has remained faithful to its design commitments. Electronics, luggage, travel, office and leisure accessories: this direction is not measured in figures. Sensitivity is its dimension.And above all, it is about making an object enjoyable for its daily use.

Moto X Print Ad Let's...

This new print ad for Motorola's new Moto X showcases all its available colors and lets readers click through to see what the smartphone looks like in each shade. It's like scratch n' sniff for your eyes.As media and advertising shifted to digital platforms, the print ad was in danger of becoming a relic of a bygone era. Many advertisers use print ads now as previews or teasers for something more elaborate elsewhere--a trailer, a video, an online game. Read more

Spike Jonze imagines the Future.

With his new film, Her, director Spike Jonze paints an unconventional picture of love and technology. Here, he talks about the process of designing tomorrow's operating system and, maybe, making video games IRL.In Her, Spike Jonze creates a completely new vision of the future. Just not new in the way you might expect. Read more

Two People, One Can...

Coca-Cola marketing has long centered around various ways of sharing the soft drink, and by extension, happiness. Recently, the company created a vending machine that allowed Indians and Pakistanis to communicate with each other. In Europe, Coke is allowing customers to write the names of friends and family members on virtual cans in the company font. Read More

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